Processor Autotalks Craton (ATK4100) V2X communication processors
(One ARM Cortex R4F and two Synopsys ARC 625D running at 240MHz)
RF transceiver Autotalks Pluton (ARK3100) V2X RF transceiver
System Memory 128 MB DDR3 and 32 MB NOR Flash
HSM Infineon HSM SLE97 (Support over 2000 ECDSA256 verification per second)
secure storage size (>3,000 certificates)
DSRC Radio IEEE 802.11p 5.85-5.925 GHz, -91 dBm RX Sensitivity, channel width 10MHz/20MHz, TX output power @20dBm
Dual PHY and MAC for supporting concurrent dual channel operation
DSRC Radio TX Power 26 dBm max. (EIRP)
Antenna 5.9GHz, 5dBi Omni x2, FAKRA-Z type connector
Ethernet 10/100 Mbps (RJ45) port *1 with Auto UplinkTM, full-duplex
Power Type 12/24 VDC
GPS Telit SL869 High Performance GNSS module (refresh rate: 10Hz), FAKRA-C type connector
Environment Temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃ Relative Humidity: Operation 10%~90%, Storage 5%~95%, non-condensing
NMEA Standard NMEA 0183
Standards Compliance IEEE802.11-2012, IEEE 1609.2-2016, IEEE 1609.3-2016, IEEE 1609.4-2016, IEEE 1609.11; SAE J2735-201603, SAE J2945/1-201603; ETSI TS 102 637-2, ETSI TS 102 637-3, ETSI TS 102 636-5-1, ETSI TS 102 636-6-1, ETSI TS 102 636-4-1, ETSI TS 103 097
Operating System ThreadX
System Services Telnet
Interfaces One Ethernet
One CAN BUS 2.0
One RS232
Dimensions & Weight 125mm x 90mm x 30mm, 0.33kg